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Ship weak refs


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Now that the weak ref spec has settled down and our implementation is done we should consider enabling this by default in nightly. It would still be available in nightly only.

Note that there is one open spec issue, having to do with the determination of the backup incumbent Realm during FinalizationRegistry callbacks. Chrome/V8 is shipping without including the logic proposed by bz and Domenic in that thread. I think this is a small enough corner case to continue readjusting after enabling by default in nightly.

(In reply to Daniel Ehrenberg from comment #1)
We discussed this in the GC meeting today and agreed that this spec issue shouldn't stop us shipping. We'll aim to ship this in 79.

Blocks: 1561074
Summary: Consider enabling weak refs by default in nightly → Enable weak refs by default in nightly

The current plan is to ship this, i.e. turn on the pref and let it ride the trains. The pref will be removed at a later date.

Summary: Enable weak refs by default in nightly → Ship weak refs
Keywords: dev-doc-needed
Severity: -- → N/A
Priority: -- → P1

This renames the pref to remove 'experimental' and turns it on by default.

Depends on D77267

Assignee: nobody → jcoppeard

Note re devdoc-needed: The doc was developed in order to be good reference material to put on MDN about WeakRef and FinalizationRegistry, it just hasn't been transferred yet.

Attachment #9153116 - Attachment description: Bug 1639246 - Ship weak refs r=mccr8!,sfink! → Bug 1639246 - Ship weak refs r=smaug!,sfink!
Attachment #9153116 - Attachment description: Bug 1639246 - Ship weak refs r=smaug!,sfink! → Bug 1639246 - Ship weak refs r?smaug
Depends on: 1642685

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Bug 1639246 - Add WeakRef and FinalizationRegistry tests involving DOM objects r?smaug

Revision D77798 was moved to bug 1642685. Setting attachment 9153398 [details] to obsolete.

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