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Optionally sanitize/redact PII from exported HAR


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User Story

When export HAR files for filing bugs, I want to be able to remove any PII (like phone numbers, credit cards, or emails), so that I can safely share them.


The thread discusses redacting known PII formats.

The idea overlaps with the Profiler's build-in profile sanitization, so we can maybe share parts of the interface or backend.

Greg, where I can see the code that sanitizes the profiler data?


Flags: needinfo?(gtatum)

Not sure if this is the best way forward, as it radically removes any URL. HAR files without URLs are probably not as useful. Something like can redact more fine-grained, but security should be consulted on best practices.

UX must communicate that HAR files should be only shared with trusted parties – HAR files inherently contain some level of PII with the URLs they mention.

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