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Java listeners for background, foreground, network events.


(GeckoView :: General, task, P3)



(Not tracked)


(Reporter: aklotz, Unassigned)



In bug 1625326 I modified GeckoProcessManager.ConnectionManager to use JNI and the Gecko observer service to receive events for app background, app foreground, and network state change. This was mainly because the code in GeckoRuntime and in GeckoNetworkManager fire those events on the observer service but do not really provide registration facilities for Java listeners.

It would be nice if we could add the ability to register Java code to listen for these events so that we do not need to make the trip through Java -> JNI -> Java.

Priority: -- → P3
Summary: Java listeners for background,, foreground, network events. → Java listeners for background, foreground, network events.
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