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cannot access my firefox account recently reset windows. I recieve a verification key from my secondary email but I am told I need to use my primary email which I do not have access to


(Cloud Services :: Server: Firefox Accounts, defect)



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(Reporter: andrewburnie1, Assigned: jrgm)


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Steps to reproduce:

I input my primary email address to log in. received a verification code to my secondary email address, used it.

Actual results:

was told I need to use my primary email address to log, I don't understand because I still received the verification code.

Expected results:

I should have been able to log into my account, since I used my secondary email which is the purpose of a secondary email.

Assignee: nobody → jrgm
Component: Untriaged → Server: Firefox Accounts
Product: Firefox → Cloud Services

Hi Andrew, I think this is a known bug where your primary email address is cached within the browser. I think you should be able to resolve this by visiting and attempting to sign in again

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