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[UX] The Global Sharing Indicator / Overlay should not be visible to the other participants when sharing the entire screen


(Firefox :: Site Permissions, enhancement, P3)

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(Reporter: danibodea, Unassigned)


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  • When the user participates in a video conference and shares his entire screen, the other participants will also see the Global Sharing indicator in his screen-share.

Affected versions

  • nightly v78.0a1
  • beta v77.0b9

Affected platforms

  • I believe this is somewhat happening on all platforms, but can only be demonstrated on Windows with both the new and old sharing indicators
  • Reproducible with as host MacOS, but only the new Global Sharing Indicator is actually shown to demonstrate.
  • Cannot be reproduced with Ubuntu because sharing the entire screen is not possible due to e previously existing bug

Steps to reproduce

  1. Engage in a video conference.
  2. Start screen-sharing (entire screen).

Expected result

  • The screen-share spectators (other call participants) should not see the Global Sharing indicator.

Actual result

  • The other spectators can see the presenter's Global Sharing Indicator in his screen-share.

Regression range

  • This is NOT a feature bug, as this is also reproducible with the old global sharing indicator.
Severity: -- → S4

As mentioned in comment 0, this was a problem with the pre-existing indicator too. Let's not block on this for now.

Blocks: 1635254
No longer blocks: 1639879
Group: mozilla-employee-confidential
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