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When I disable a TopSiteSearchShortcut (e.g. amazon) then it still behaves like a search engine


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Nightly 78.0a1 (2020-05-29) (64-Bit)
macOS 10.15.5

1.) Install Firefox/Nightly
2.) Open a NTP
3.) Take a look a the Amazon tile. It is a TopSiteSearchShortcut: It has the magnifying glass at the bottom and behaves like a search engine in the Megabar when you click on it.
4.) Disable it as a TopSiteSearchShortcut in the TopSites-Options on the NTP

Expected: Magnifiying glass should disappear from the Tile and when I click on it, I want to be navigated to

Actual: It still behaves like a TopSiteSearchShortcut. This means: when I click on it, it still behaves like a search engine in the Megabar. That makes no sense and frustrates me :(

Scott, can you take a look see?

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I think I know what's going on here, and I can reproduce.

Removing it as a search engine does seem to work, technically, it no longer has a pinned amazon search tile. However.

It looks like there is a separate mechanism in the topsite algorithm that puts in a new topsite amazon search tile independently of the search tile setting. Which is kinda odd. If we were to fix this, I'm not sure if we would want to add in a normal amazon topsite like you suggest, or have no amazon topsite. That feels like a product question.

I think if you add in an amazon topsite tile directly, as a workaround for the time being, it should replace the search version and possibly help a bit with your immediate frustration while we sort this out :)

Adding Jim and Tawanda here to see who wants to tackle the product side decision on this. I personally think if you remove the amazon search it shouldn't replace it with a new amazon topsite, either search or regular.

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NI MConnor for info on how this is designed to work

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Frankly... I'm not sure how this behaviour works... Tim's team built this, NI-ing him

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So this specifically only happens with the Amazon search shortcut and the reason is because it's set as a default Top Site and is therefore always present with new profiles. Once you "Dismiss" the default Amazon search shortcut (from the Amazon tile's "..." menu), the "Add Search Engine" Top Site section dialog will work as expected and allow you to add and remove Search Shortcuts properly.

So yeah, this is an annoying bug that has a not entirely obvious workaround and should be fixed.

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Component: New Tab Page → Search
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Component: Search → Top Sites

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See Also: 1699703
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