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ability to lock a tab [protect tabs against accidental close]


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Working with a html bugtracking system with several views open (Intray and some
queries as well as a "submit new bug" form) i sometimes happen to click in the
wrong place, closing e.g. my intray view. I need help to overcome my clumsiness ;-)

It would be a good thing to have a small button on the tab to lock it so it
cannot be closed by accident. The alternative could be to ask for confirmation
everytime i want to close a tab, but that's inconvinient.
Corrected it to be an enhancement
Severity: normal → enhancement
a request for a close-button on the tab was already rejected (not enough room on
the tab), so I don't think you're idea of a lock-button will be easily accepted.
This is a duplicate bug!  We have this request a couple of weeks ago.  I can't 
find the bug number when doing the bugzilla search.
I am aware of the missing space on the tabs but there could be other ways to
implement it - e.g. put it into the context menu.

Scott: I could not find your issue either, that's why i wrote this one ;-)
Dup dup dup dup...

Hint: found this one with the following search keywords:  tab, close

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Ding, ding, ding!!

Can you use the "," in the bugzilla search?
not a duplicate
Resolution: DUPLICATE → ---
Summary: protect tabs agains accidential close → ability to lock a tab [protect tabs agains accidential close]
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Ever confirmed: true
If this gets implemented, please make it a context menu item rather than a
button on the tab.
Summary: ability to lock a tab [protect tabs agains accidential close] → ability to lock a tab [protect tabs against accidential close]
Summary: ability to lock a tab [protect tabs against accidential close] → ability to lock a tab [protect tabs against accidental close]
I agree.
It would be wise to have something on the tab.  Like the word, "Locked" or an 
icon of a padlock or something.  When you have like 10 tabs open, it would be 
easier to tell which is a locked tab by looking at it.  I can't image trying to 
unlock one of the 10 tabs if you get distracted or forget which one is locked.
How about colouring the tab's proxy icon red?  Or something to that affect.  I
don't believe that adding anything extra would be wise - they have little enough
real estate as it is.  But making a small colour change might be appropriate to
signal that it's locked.  (While still locking/unlocking via the context menu.)
...or just change the color of the locked tab.
> ...or just change the color of the locked tab.

Please, no.  Only a subtle change is needed here.  (The fact that it's locked
will be readily apparent when it won't close, at least not without confirmation,
anyway.)  Colouring the entire tab would be too distracting.

Or, rather than changing colour, change the graphic used for the proxy icon to a
picture of a lock (as per comment 11).  (Rather than adding an additional graphic.)
I agree. A too colorful UI wouldn't make people happy, the idea with the small
lock as icon is just fine.
possibly a dupe of bug 63092
QA Contact: sairuh → pmac
No, it's definitely not a dupe of bug 63092.

I think this is something of a user interface nightmare, but I often
accidentally close tabs that I don't mean to close, so I'd probably use this if
it were implemented.

I agree that a change in color of the tab is probably a good way of indicating
tha the tab is locked.
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