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Finding the type of a Debugger.Source loaded from a <script> is too hard


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The debugger exposes "introductionType" as a field to know what generic type a source is. Currently "scriptElement" is used for anything loaded via <script> directly. What that means is that we have to jump through a bunch of hoops to differentiate:

  • JS scripts loaded from <script src="file.js"></script>
  • JS scripts inlined directly into HTML <script>code;</script>
  • JS scripts injected into HTML via document.write, or doc.createElement

We currently jump through hoops to differentiate these using source.element and source.introductionScript, but there's essentially no reason for us to do that in a perfect world, and it allows for much more reliable behavior.

The lack of specificity for script intro type has lead the debugger to need
to make use of 'source.introductionType' and 'source.element' in order to
determine whether a given script was injected, or inline or fetched, which
is entirely unnecessary of the loader itself clearly tells us what type
of script we are working with. It also allows us to cleanly handle the case
of XUL, which previously was "scriptElement" but has no ".element" passed
in, so we were unable to know whether a given source was inline or not.

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Attachment #9154433 - Attachment description: Bug 1643540 - Provide separate introductionTypes for different types of sources. r=jlast! → Bug 1643540 - Split scriptElement type into three types for clarity. r=jlast!
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Split scriptElement type into three types for clarity. r=jlast,smaug
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