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[merge scripts] Beta l10n repacks use "nightly" branding


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Thunderbird 78.0
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MacOS l10n repacks failing on 78.0beta1

I made some changes in Bug 1619767 to mail/config/mozconfigs/l10n-common in anticipation of automated merge day activities happening. However we have continued to use the existing merge scripts, which do not take the change into account.

There will be two parts to the fix.
First, that branding line needs to be removed from the copy of this file in comm-beta. As that should have been done by merge day activities, there will be no corresponding comm-central change.

Second, a change needs to be made to the merge scripts, or make sure we switch to automation before next merge day. I propose planning for both.

I believe that change is also the cause of bug 1637349.

That's what this file should look like on comm-beta. The only change to make is to remove the "branding/nightly" line.

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::: comm-merges/
@@ +56,5 @@
>    mv tmpfile beta/mail/config/mozconfigs/${plat}/l10n-mozconfig
>  done
>  # Add --enable-official-branding to l10n mozconfig
> +sed -e '/--with-branding/' beta/mail/config/mozconfigs/l10n-common > tmpfile

I do not believe this is a valid sed command, I think you're missing a d at the end?

`sed -e '/--with-branding/d' beta/mail/config/mozconfigs/l10n-common`
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I think this can be closed, but not 100% sure. Rob -- please reopen if this isn't done!

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