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Remove TrackChangeEmitter


(DevTools :: Inspector: Changes, task, P3)



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The TrackChangeEmitter is a singleton and its only job is to relay calls to track changes to the ChangesActor.

With the refactoring to support frames across multiple processes (aka Fission), the target for each frame will have its own instance of ChangesActor, instead of a single one per top-level target. The introduction of ResourceWatcher for changes reconciles all changes for the consumer so there's no need for consumers to keep track of each ChangesActor individually.

This is a task to remove TrackChangeEmitter given its redundant role.

The indirection provided by the relay is not necessary. Sources of changes should communicate to the ChangesActor directly.

By marking the StyleRuleActor directly call the ChangesActor (target-scoped actor) to log the change, we're removing the need to wake up the ChangesActor via its front.

This task should be attempted only after Bug 1625957 is addressed.

Priority: -- → P3
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