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Perfherder: Add test for platform dropdown options order


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Add test to make sure that platform drop-down options from Add new test data modal are ordered alphabetically.

Mentor: igoldan
Keywords: good-first-bug
Priority: -- → P3
Whiteboard: [lang=js]
Depends on: 1644347

I can take this.

Wasn't this resolved?

Flags: needinfo?(aionescu)

Kimberly was working on a patch that could cover this, but I know nothing about this being solved.

Flags: needinfo?(aionescu)

Hi, I am new to contributing to Mozilla.
I will appreciate it if someone can guide me through fixing this bug if it has not yet been solved. Thank you

Hello, this is still an unresolved issue. To get started you can take a look at the Treeherder documentation (repository), it contains all the important information. If you have a pull request open you can leave it in the comments. Thanks for your interest in contributing!

Mentor: gold.ionut
Summary: Perfhderder: Add test for platform dropdown options order → Perfherder: Add test for platform dropdown options order

ok boss thank you, i will look into it now

please can you give me some nice information on this bug please cause it off from the Mozilla bugs please. Thank YOU BOSS

  1. Go to Treeherder's Graphs View.
  2. Click on "Add test data" - the 3rd button above the Graph.
  3. From the first drop-down select "build_metrics".

Acceptance criteria:

  • make sure the 3rd drop-down (containing platforms) is ordered alphabetically
  • add a test to make sure the values are always sorted alphabetically

The drop-down values already look like they are sorted alphabetically, but we need to make sure that this is always the case and add a test to prove that.

have done that already, anything else boss

boss the code i am to write to sort it alphabetically, am I to write it in the mozilla-unified code base?

I mentioned above, for this issue you will contribute to You can find more information about how to contribute either in the README file from the github repository or read the documentation

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