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Don't include subtest names in alert summary title


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(Keywords: good-first-bug, Whiteboard: [perf:workflow])

Currently, we include the sub-test names in the summary alert title.

[framework] Alert #, repo, change%, raptor-tp6-amazon-firefox, raptor-tp6-amazon-firefox fcp, raptor-tp6-yahoo-mail-firefox, ... (os_1, ..., os_10)

One proposal is to list only the parent test names, without their sub-tests:

[framework] Alert #, repo, change%, raptor-tp6-amazon-firefox, raptor-tp6-yahoo-mail-firefox, ... (os_1, ..., os_10)
Summary: Make summary alert titles more concise → Don't include subtest names in alert summary title
Whiteboard: [perf:workflow]
No longer blocks: 1649142

Is this change still needed in Alerts View?

Flags: needinfo?(aionescu)
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