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Integrate password autofill on macOS Big Sur


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Apparently there will be a system provided mechanism for password managers to securely provide passwords to browsers (and any other application) in Big Sur. It would be great for Firefox to use it, instead of having to rely on each password manager having to implement their own extension and xpc channel.


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With Apple's keychain now supporting 2FA in Monterey, now would be a great time to implement this feature.

We should be able to leverage some of the work in bug 1478667 for this.

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Whiteboard: [mac:integration]

FYI; Many people seem to be switching from 1Password to other password managers due to 1Password forcing people to pay for a subscription:

There isn’t too many choice, one of the good alternatives seems Strongbox, which currently does not have a Firefox integration/extension:

So, perhaps it might be a good idea to prioritize this, as people might be tempted to switch to other browsers where AutoFill does work.

Not just a subscription, but they are forcing you to run chrome by way of electron which makes it impossible for anyone in a high security context to use anymore. This is really important now.

As I'm currently looking for a 1Password alternative I also would highly appreciate if "Password Autofill" would be implemented in Firefox.

I would love to see this feature in Firefox and that would probably be a major reason to ditch Chrome and switch to Firefox. Both browsers has built-in password managers, but savvy users see the downsides of using those and choose a separate password manager solutions.

Is there a way to increase priority of this feature request? Or is there a way to contribute and help to implement that feature?

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