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Integrate password autofill on macOS Big Sur


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Apparently there will be a system provided mechanism for password managers to securely provide passwords to browsers (and any other application) in Big Sur. It would be great for Firefox to use it, instead of having to rely on each password manager having to implement their own extension and xpc channel.


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With Apple's keychain now supporting 2FA in Monterey, now would be a great time to implement this feature.

We should be able to leverage some of the work in bug 1478667 for this.

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FYI; Many people seem to be switching from 1Password to other password managers due to 1Password forcing people to pay for a subscription:

There isn’t too many choice, one of the good alternatives seems Strongbox, which currently does not have a Firefox integration/extension:

So, perhaps it might be a good idea to prioritize this, as people might be tempted to switch to other browsers where AutoFill does work.

Not just a subscription, but they are forcing you to run chrome by way of electron which makes it impossible for anyone in a high security context to use anymore. This is really important now.

As I'm currently looking for a 1Password alternative I also would highly appreciate if "Password Autofill" would be implemented in Firefox.

I would love to see this feature in Firefox and that would probably be a major reason to ditch Chrome and switch to Firefox. Both browsers has built-in password managers, but savvy users see the downsides of using those and choose a separate password manager solutions.

Is there a way to increase priority of this feature request? Or is there a way to contribute and help to implement that feature?

Really wish Mozilla would prioritize this feature in near future, as soon it blocks using Strongbox and Minimalist with Firefox.

Would like to see this as well as integration with text message one time passwords coming in via iMessages like Safari does

Would also like to see this implemented, it would allow those of us with many passwords more options to easily sign in on websites. Not all of us wish to have Firefox store our passwords.

Lockwise is no longer available, and Firefox for iOS doesn't autofill on iOS. So I have to switch to something like Strongbox, which Firefox doesn't support on the Mac. Not a good position to be in.

I'm in the process of moving from 1Password to Strongbox under MacOS Big Sur. I echo the pleas of others who are requesting that Mozilla integrate with Apple's new Password Autofill feature. I really don't want to have to switch to Safari --- been happily using Firefox for years.

I use Strongbox and not having this functionality is a major issue; I find I'm using Safari more and more regularly as the convenience of logging in to websites is there and not currently in Firefox.

With Mozilla stopping support for Lockwise for iOS/Android and users such as Geoff switching, could this ticket's P2 status be reviewed perhaps?

  • Apple Keychain is used by a lot of Apple ecosystem users as it seamlessly works across macOS/iPadOS/iOS for them - these users are never going to use Firefox if the readily available Safari shows them their logins whilst Firefox does not; it's impossible to suggest to these users to use Firefox when they're going to lose functionality they already have.

  • Any Apple users who opt to use Strongbox are already asking for this; how long will it be before other providers such as LastPass and Bitwarden also integrate with this OS-level functionality? Checking around, Bitwarden users are already asking for this macOS integration to be supported.

  • Chrome does not yet support this; a good opportunity to get ahead of them and be the second browser on macOS to support this functionality.

Moving this to the Password Manager component based on my conversation with :Serg.

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Hey Serg, is S2/P2 still right here, now that it moved to your bailiwick? :-)

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Is there a timeline to implement support in Firefox for macOS' AutoFill system?

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:Bernardo, no timeline yet, but we are looking into options and the more requests we get the more likely we will prioritize this.

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Hi, Strongbox dev here. I also didn't realise that there was a hidden vote button... This would be a great feature, making everyone more secure, it would be very cool to see this in Firefox.

I think it's important for anyone on this thread to now make sure they have voted rather than added their +1 comments, as perhaps these aren't being counted properly. It would be great if anyone following could do as kesselborn said:

Go to the very top, expand "Details", there is a "vote"-Button.

Also, I'm happy to try to help with any technical questions or issues, I've integrated with the require Apple API on the supply side (Strongbox tells Apple's Password AutoFill system it can supply passwords for x domain and y login). The following are good places for a developer on the other side of this API to start...

On the client side Apple provide this AutoFill behaviour out of the box on NSSecureTextField & NSTextField (contentType property == username/password/...) and in WKWebView for HTML input elements with the correct attributes. You can read more here:

I hope that's helpful, this would be a killer feature for those using Indie/Third Party Password Managers...


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The past 20 comments, 19 are basically "+1". This spams the entire CC list, watchers, etc., emailing a ton of people every time, and isn't helping to fix this bug. I'm going to restrict comments to deal with this. You can show your support by voting for the bug using the "vote" button in the Details section at the top of the page.

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I see strongbox are now testing a Firefox extension that works for them...

If Firefox are opposed to providing the apple keychain/password autofill functionality in Firefox itself, would it be possible to create an extension (just for macOS) instead?

I had kinda assumed it was just me that grumbled about this every time I start firefox (and then end up switching back to safari). But if there are enough people interested in the feature, maybe it could live as an extension?

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(In reply to Arthur Barrett from comment #40)

If Firefox are opposed to providing the apple keychain/password autofill functionality in Firefox itself

Nobody has said this as far as I'm aware, in fact we've said the opposite (e.g. comment 19). It's just not straightforward to do and hasn't been done yet. Please don't speculate on bugs.

The strongbox folks can't post comments on this bug as it was restricted due to the amount of spammy +1 comments, so I'm clearing the needinfo. Discussion about potential Strongbox extensions should happen elsewhere, not on, as this isn't a strongbox bugtracker and anyway this bug isn't specific to strongbox.

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