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mutationBreakpoint type is incorrectly written with an "s" in the IMMEDIATE_MUTATIONS array


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Firefox 80
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When implementing mutation breakpoints as new custom mutations to the inspector, a small mistake was made:

This means that mutationBreakpoints are currently queued and accumulated before they are sent to the client. In general adding new custom mutations should be avoided, and if the intent was to add them to IMMEDIATE_MUTATIONS, an event might be a better fit.

In this particular case, we need to decide if we simply remove the erroneous "mutationBreakpoints" from IMMEDIATE_MUTATIONS, or if we correct it. If we decide to correct it, we might as well switch to an event? The ultimate decision should depend on how frequent these events/mutations can be.

Hi Logan!

According to the comment in IMMEDIATE_MUTATIONS, it seems that we care about avoiding the queue for mutation breakpoint updates:

  // These should be delivered right away in order to be sure that the
  // fronts have not been removed due to other non-throttled mutations.

But in practice, the feature has been working without being "immediate" (see summary above). Do you think we should remove the entry from the array, or should we fix it? And if we fix it, what about using a regular event instead of a mutation?

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Hmmm, I guess we're okay to remove and we can see what happens.

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Remove mutationBreakpoints from WalkerActor IMMEDIATE_MUTATIONS list r=loganfsmyth
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