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[Enhancement] Consider improving the color of the “Firefox will not display notifications while you are sharing.” text in dark theme


(Firefox :: Site Permissions, enhancement, P3)




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firefox78 --- affected
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[Affected Versions]:

  • Firefox Beta 79.0b8 (Build ID: 20200714212005)

[Affected Platforms]:

  • Windows 10


  • Firefox Beta is open.
  • The privacy.webrtc.allowSilencingNotifications pref is set to true.
  • The privacy.webrtc.legacyGlobalIndicator pref is set to false.
  • The “Dark” theme is enabled.

[Steps to reproduce]:

  1. Start a webRTC video call on Zoom.
  2. Click the “Share Screen” button.
  3. Click the “Disable notifications from Firefox while sharing” checkbox.
  4. Observe the “Firefox will not display notifications while you are sharing.” text.

[Expected results]:

  • The text is easy to read, with its color having a good contrast against the dark background. Changing it to another color would help.

[Actual results]:

  • The red text is hard to read on the dark background.


  • Attached is a screenshot of the issue.
Group: mozilla-employee-confidential
Priority: -- → P3
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