Open Bug 1655326 Opened 1 year ago

[De] page_info_help: contents is outdated for 'General' TAB


(SeaMonkey :: Help Documentation, defect, P4)

SeaMonkey 2.53 Branch


(Not tracked)


(Reporter: RainerBielefeldNG, Unassigned)


(Blocks 1 open bug)


(Keywords: good-first-bug)

+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1645662 +++

I compared 2.53.2 Language Pack help with reality (Dialog in 2.53.4)

  1. In Browser on arbitrary page: Menu ˋView → Page Infoˊ
  2. Compare with Help

Help | Reality (dialog UI), suggestoins, ...

  • URL: | Is called "Adresse" in dialog, 🔧 should be modified to "Adresse"
  • Anzeigemodus: | no complaints from my side
  • Quelle (=Source) | Has gone?
  • Kodierung (=Encoding) | 🔧 Should be changed to "Textcodierung" following item in UI (?)
  • Größe: | no complaints from my side
  • Modifiziert | Text is correct. 🔧 May be we should mention that nowadays in times of CMS shown date/time mistly is "right now"?
  • Läuft ab (=expires) | Has gone?

Additional information / comments

a) Order of Help items should follow order in UI
b) 🔧 above means: suggested changes

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