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Reader mode displays the wrong text for Best Buy recycling info site (completely different text from what's visible in normal mode)


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Steps to reproduce:

Latest FireFox version: 79.0

Go to URL:

Click: File --> Print Preview

See Main page text

Now click: Simplify Page

See State-specific recycling information instead of main page text

[Note: Same simplify page error occurs irrespective of whether a specific state is selected.]

Actual results:

Does not display main page text but only displays State-specific recycling information.

Expected results:

Should have seen text from main page and not state-specific recycling text

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Thanks for the details. I was able to reproduce on windows10 pro, on the following versions

release 79.0
beta, 80.0b4 (64-bit)
nightly 81.0a1 (2020-08-05) (64-bit)

I will move this over to a component so developers can take a look over it. If is not the correct component please feel free to change it to an appropriate one.

Thanks for the report.

Best regards, Clara.

Component: Untriaged → Print Preview
Ever confirmed: true
Product: Firefox → Core

This is really a bug in Reader Mode. (You can see the same issue if you click the Reader Mode icon at the right edge of the URLbar for the page in question [the icon looks like a sheet of paper].)

(The print preview Simplify Page feature just uses "reader mode" to determine what content to show.)

Component: Print Preview → Reader Mode
Product: Core → Toolkit
Version: 79 Branch → Trunk

Here's a screenshot of the page in Reader Mode.

Interestingly, the text that Reader Mode chooses to show is mostly not present (or not visible) at all on the original page. (e.g. the original page has no mention of "California Electronic Waste Recycling Act" for example, whereas that's the first paragraph of actual text in Reader Mode.

Summary: File --> Print Preview --> Simplify Page - displays wrong text → Reader mode displays the wrong text for Best Buy recycling info site (completely different text from what's visible in normal mode)

I've filed this in the Readability library issue tracker here: Closing this as RESOLVED MOVED, as any investigation will proceed in

Closed: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → MOVED
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