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Calendar New Event window no longer starts with highlighted title.


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Thunderbird 78


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Steps to reproduce:

Build 78.1.0
New Event (In Calendar)

Actual results:

Dialogue Window shows "New Event" in title window but not highlighted.

Expected results:

In previous versions the title would be highlighted so that typing could begin immediately.
Now the user must do a Tab to get to the field. On a Mac this would be a violation of the UI guidelines. Don't know about PC guidelines, but it is now a pain.
Identical problem with New Task.
Moving the Calendar field above the Title field (why?) has caused this problem.

I see the same using 78.1.0 on Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS Linux.

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Keywords: regression
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Version: 78 → Thunderbird 78

Yes this is because the calendar is now first, while the title was first before. I'm not sure it's a bug or not. On one side it makes sense to let the focus go from top to bottom, but I suppose there's a case for still moving the initial focus + selection to the title.

Yes, I think we should have the initial focus and selection on the title field.
Even if the calendar menulist is above it, we assume that option is accurate based on the currently selected calendar of the user, so the most obvious first interaction with that dialog should be the event title.

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Code changes look fine.  (It does seem odd and inconsistent to focus the second item and not the first, but... if calendar is going to be first then this seems like a necessary step for better UX.)
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Fix Calendar New Event window no longer starts with highlighted title. r=pmorris

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Well, the Title field now has a blinking bar after "New Event" or "New Task", but not the highlighted color like before where the user could just start typing. I can live with having to backspace to remove "New Event", "New Task" and start typing.

Tested in TB 80.0b4 on Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS.

Reporter, will that work for you?

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I think putting the cursor at the end of "New Event"/"New Task" instead of making it the focus is not an improvement and is not at all intuitive. I have never seen in any UI where a cursor is left after a prompt that is meant to disappear.

At least now the single keystroke of <tab> makes it the focus. A better solution would be to put the title field back to first position, like it was before. But please don't make it worse.

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The single keystroke of <Tab> works to focus the Title field in TB 78..1.1, which doesn't have the bug fix.

If I would have tried that and see that it highlights "New Event" which allows the user to start typing as before, I may have not confirmed the bug and considered it a support issue.

Blocks: 1659380

Agreed that's not very good. Filed bug 1659380.

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