Many of Mozilla's build in pop-up killer features are broken. Doesn't block many kinds of pop-ups.



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I've found that out of this comprehensive list of features a good pop-up killer
should have, Mozilla doesen't get more than 5 checkmarks. Here is the list.

- Ability to Block 100% Unsolicited Popups
- Block Known Popups (YES)
- Block Unknown Popups
- Block Pop-Under Ads As Well
- Never Interfere With Opening New Windows (YES)
- No Need to Set Up for Particular Websites or Keywords (YES)
- Never Interfere with User's Navigation (YES)
- Never Depending on WebSite Design
- No Need to Adjust Proxy Settings (YES)
- Save Bandwidth 
- Block MouseOver-Popups (THIS IS A  MAJOR OVERLOOK)
- Block Re-opened Popups When Leaving A Site
- Ability to Normalize Appearance of Popup Window
- White List for URL Exceptions (MUST)
- Block Popups Without Download
- Never Cause Screen Flash (YES)
- Notification on Blocking
- Ability to Easily Recall Blocked Popups
- Hotkey to Temporarily Allow Site's Popup Window (ANOTHER MUST_HAVE)
- Comprehensive History Log
- Never Slow Down Browser (YES)
- Zero CPU Time Cost (NO)

Please take example from Meaya's awesome pop-up ad filter for IE and add most of
their features to Mozilla. ( The Mozilla pop-up ad killer
is very very very basic and doesen't bloack many kinds fo pop-ups. It needs to
be greately improved, this is one fo those features that differentiates Mozilla
from IE.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
2. This site will test a few basic-pop-ups on Mozilla.

Comment 1

17 years ago
Instead of providing a list with mixed features, some of which are already
implemented and others doesn't have any sense (Save Bandwith, Zero CPU Time
Cost, ...), you must first search bugzilla to find which ones of the remaining
features are missing, and then if some one hasn't still been reported then
create just one bug for each one. (and please, explain what's "Block Popups
Without Download")

(most of the features in the list are already reported in bugzilla, I don't
think that this list has anything new)
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