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Bug 1657363 breaks printer selection on windows because "last used printer" mechanism is broken.


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I gave bug 1657363 a spin on windows and it regresses some behavior. Turns out that the default printer mechanism is busted with the new UI, but it kinda happened to work due to two things:

  • When there's no previous printer we used to fall back to system default before bug 1657363.
  • Windows changes the system default printer each time you print, so this worked just as you'd expect.


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This effectively restores the behavior on windows, though it still
doesn't fix the "save last used printer" functionality. This is the only
caller affected because on the others we fall back to the system default
if there's no printer name specified...

The map() is not the prettier, let me know if you have something cleaner
in mind.

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Workaround old gcc which bogusly warns about hiding overloaded functions with different arguments by renaming a function.
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When building the printer list, select the system default if we don't find the last used printer. r=jwatt

Let's call this fixed, as it fixed the regression. Bob filed bug 1659122 independently to track the underlying "saving the printer is broken", so let's fix that there.

Closed: 5 months ago
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