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Add Cybertrust Japan SecureSign Roots (CA12, CA14 and CA15)


(NSS :: CA Certificate Root Program, task, P4)


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(Reporter: bwilson, Assigned: bwilson, NeedInfo)


(Whiteboard: [ca-verifying] BW 2020-08-12)

This root inclusion request is in the CCADB as CCADB Case 585.

Flags: needinfo?(bwilson)

Thanks Ben-san for opening thread.
We are in conducting point-in-time audit for our new roots, but it takes a long time due to COVID-19.
We will have audit report by the end of September.
After we get the report, we will update this thread.

Just checking in on status of audit reports.
Also, you will need to complete a Baseline Requirements Self-Assessment -
which links the BR self-assessment spreadsheet template -

Flags: needinfo?(bwilson)

Do you have any updates on your efforts here?

Flags: needinfo?(masahiro.shikutani)
Priority: -- → P4

On 24-May-2021, I sent an email to applicant's contacts alerting them to the "NEED" info fields in the CCADB. They responded that they would work on them.

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