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Add a header that exports the CDM header and undefines problematic macros from X11


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X11 defines various macros that end up clashing with common names like 'None' and 'Status'. There's existing are to work around this[0], and we've got some code in Media that sidesteps the problem via undefs[1].

I would like to use some of the CDM enums in ipdl (see bug 1654383). However that currently fails due to the ipc codegen bringing in the X11 headers which define a Status macro which then tramples the Status in the CDM headers. Because I can't #undef in ipdl I think having a header that wraps the CDM headers and does the undeffing is the next best thing. If we put this new header in the gmp-api dir it also shows that we use the CDM symbols as part of the GMP-API (though the whole documenting of the GMP-API has grown a little wonky over time).

The other way we could deal with this is to prevent X11 headers being dragged into the IPC codegen, but that's a bigger and non-media specific task. We already have a bandaid in place for this[1] which I'm okay with expanding a bit.


When using the CDM headers in ipc codegen we run into issues where X11 defines
a Status macro that tramples the CDM headers. Since we can't undef Status in
ipdl we can instead add a header that ipdl can include which does the undef.

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Add file that exposes CDM symbols and undefs clashing X11 macros. r=alwu
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