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Enable BrowsingContext preservation in early beta


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Relman have advised that we don't need an experiment for BC Preservation at this stage. We can enable BC preservation in early beta, if it looks good in early beta we may uplift a patch to let it ride to late beta and release.

Note that this is mostly-unused code on mobile, so by going to beta we're also going to beta on mobile and that's okay.

We're also waiting on QA, we expect to hear from them by Friday the 21st, merge day is the 24th.

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Not sure which bug to file the regression on, feel free to move it...

After this change browser_pdfjs_saveas.js starts hanging when using a release build. The test ends up hanging on BrowserTestUtils.waitForContentEvent on a browser that loads a file uri. The event makes it back to the parent process but fails this check.

Running with fission.preserve_browsing_contexts=true the test runs fine.

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Thanks, Brendan. I'll follow up in bug 1661173.

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Given that we've had BC preservation in nightly for a while, and that's where a lot of testing happens. It may almost be safer to let it ride since that might be the more well tested configuration.

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