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[css-overflow] Implement `overflow-clip-margin`'s `visual-box` property support


(Core :: Layout: Scrolling and Overflow, enhancement)





(Reporter: emilio, Assigned: dshin)


(Blocks 1 open bug)


(Keywords: dev-doc-needed)

It seems the css-overflow spec defines an overflow-clip-margin property that complements overflow: clip by basically inflating the clip rect.

Should be relatively straight-forward to implement.

See where the CSSWG resolved on adding the *-box keywords (border-box, padding-box, content-box) to this property (which will probably be reflected in the actual spec by the time someone implements this).

(fantasai says padding-box would be the default behavior, and content-box allows authors to get a different behavior that they sometimes want, as described in - see motivating examples in the first comment there.)

Depends on: 1769512
See Also: → 1779332
Assignee: nobody → dshin

Note that there's currently an open CSSWG issue suggesting a possible change to the property name.

Summary: [css-overflow] Implement overflow-clip-margin. → [css-overflow] Implement `overflow-clip-margin`'s `visual-box` property support

FYI, support for the property with a <length> value was added in bug 1769512.

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