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[meta] Mercurial 5.5 upgrade and compatibility


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Assignee: nobody → sheehan

This avoids devel warnings in newer versions of Mercurial, since we are
accessing a config option defined in another extension.

Depends on D89979

No internal API changes required to make things work here.

Depends on D89980

A few minor template changes between Mercurial 5.2 and 5.5.1 that need
to be updated in the hgtemplates/ directory.

Depends on D89981

Fix the path to Python so it works in the Docker test environment,
and update the Mercurial version to 5.5.1 to verify there are no
outstanding changes our template patcher missed.

Depends on D89982

Pushed by
testing: install Mercurial 5.5.1 in test environment r=zeid
hghooks: register `pushlog.{autolanduser,landingworkeruser}` in hghooks extension r=zeid
hgext: mark extensions as compatible with Mercurial 5.4, 5.5 r=zeid
hgtemplates: update `` and patches with changes since 5.2 r=zeid
hgtemplates: update path to `python` to reflect Docker environment and update Mercurial version r=zeid
hgweb: upgrade Mercurial to 5.5.1 r=zeid
hgssh: upgrade Mercurial to 5.5.1 r=zeid
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