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[meta] implement account hub in tab


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This bug is to track the work to change the account setup flow to live in a tab, and convert the various setup dialogs we have to be part of that flow.

The flow should guide the user to set up mail + calendar + address book (and others), and utilize autodetection as much as we can so that the flow only requires minimum input form the user if the server side is set up as it should.

I'll start doing some low-fi mock-ups so we can define a direction and highlights some general DOs and DONTs to better split the work.
I'm very looking forward to this.

At this PR is called “Improved account setup flow: TB should guide the user through an account setup process that sets up all the services they will need.”

For the account setup:
Bug 1667608 asks for an account setup process (e.g. for address that setups CalDAV and CardDAV services, but does not setup SMTP/IMAP services
• For the cases, where the user setups WebDAV derivative and Email at the same time (thus possibly always), the setup process shall in the first step ask for the email address, get the DAV:displayname for the principal over WebDAV (current-user-principal) and on the second step propose its value under „Your name”, so that the user does not have to enter it manually.
• For CalDAV+SMTP integrated setup, TB shall get the CalDAV:calendar-user-address-set from the server and create email aliases based on it

Assignee: nobody → alessandro

Added link to Invision mock-ups for reference.

See Also: → 1660958
Alias: new-account-hub
Depends on: 1697575
Priority: P2 → P1
Depends on: 1700487
Depends on: 1713247

All the blocking bugs are fixed, so closing this meta

Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → INVALID
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