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{ Communicator 4.7 compatibility problem }


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This is alot of **** to report a problem with netscape and not have to 'pay' for
tech support. Your product is bad, not mine. I have upgraded to netscape 4.7,
128 bit encryption. My school system now has e-mail,etc, using Norvell's
GroupWise. When I access my account through groupwise WebAccess, most e-mails I
try to open crash Netscape. First Aid says:
"Netscape Juswt Crashed. 32 bit module problem: Access Violation
This application has performed an illegal operation. Click Autofix to continue
working in this application. You should save your work and exit this
Autofix doesn't work, of course, so I hit Close. Then I have the talkback
'feature' to deal with. I don't think it does anything. If it does, I certainly
don't get any replies. The crashes have occurred many times because I am bugged
by problems and try to figure out the problem. I filled out the talkback form at
least 4 or 5 times.
I recently updated a web site I designed and wanted to see how it looked using
different browsers.  I have saved SNET Internet's original 3.01 version and ver.
4.08. I got the idea to try WebAccess with ver. 3.01. I have no problems
accessing the e-mail using that older version. So I figure ver. 4.7, 128, must
be the problem.
By the way, I clicked on SmartUpdate, it said I have Netscape Communicatior 4.7,
128bit encryption - then it tells me the 4.7 update is available for downloading
- not that it is installed. It took me two days to get this version downloaded
and installed - I better have it!
Walt Sudik
This bug system is only for reporting problems with Mozilla, which will be the
basis of Communicator 5.  Any problems with version 4 should be directed to the
Netscape site.

Mozilla has been significantly rewritten from the 4.x line, which is only
receiving attention from a small group within Netscape at the moment.  Your
problem might already be resolved.  The best person to say that is probably you,
so you can download an alpha copy of Mozilla at
"" for testing to see whether your problem

Be aware that it is currently rough, and some features are not in place, but the
developers are gearing up for a beta in early December I believe.
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Summary: { Communicator 4.7 compatibility problem }, hard to say if your suggestion has any merit:
Novell's GroupWise WebAccess feature may be looking for "Classic"
Netscape quirks that are even less likely to be present in Mozilla 5.0, the URL to use is
Umm, the reporter has a problem with 4.x.  I told him to see if it was still in
5.x, how is that a bad suggestion?

Whether it's "looking" for quirks is irrelevant - the point is that he want the
problem fixed, and I directed to a possible fix.
I don't know how WebAccess is integrating with Netscape here, but a crash still
sounds like a problem.
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