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Add Vintegris SLU root certificate(s)


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Steps to reproduce:

I´m Victoria, from the Vintegris company, current QTSP called vinCAsign, we have certified ourselves for the issuance of SSL certificates and we would like to integrate into Mozilla.

Attached I provide the corresponding ETSI certificate, and the following documentation:

  • Certification Practice Statement CPS
  • PDS
  • Certificates
  • Hierarchy

Please, I hope you accept our inclusion request.

Best regards,

Assignee: kwilson → bwilson
Type: enhancement → task
Ever confirmed: true
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A CCADB case has been opened for this inclusion request:

The Applicant needs to complete a Baseline Requirements Self-Assessment -
which links the BR self-assessment spreadsheet template -

Additionally, in the CCADB, Applicant needs to complete the section titled "Mozilla Additional Requirements" - "CA's Response to Required Practices" and "CA's Response to Forbidden Practices".

Please let us know when those steps have been completed.

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Hello Victoria,
Have you had the chance to update any information?

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Hello everyone,

I'm writing in a ANF AC capacity. I want to report that I found links to ANF AC Certificate Policy and Certificate Practice Statement (outdated versions) in "Policy Document Record #2" and "Policy Document Record #3" of the CCADB case for this root inclusion.

This has to be an error. To avoid any confusion, I just want to state that ANF AC does not approve this, and that our policies (CP nor CPS) have nothing to do with CA Vintegris.

Hello Pablo.

It is a mistake, Vintegris hasn`t provided this documentation.

We understand that you have made a mistake in publishing it, I apologize for not having noticed it earlier.

Ben Wilson, please would it be possible to remove the documentation attached to the Register of political document no. 2 and to the Register of political document no. 3?

It is documentation from another PSC, it doesn`t belong to Vintegris.


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I went into the CCADB and deleted them from the Vintegris case. Please let me know if you encounter any other errors.

Priority: -- → P4

There are a number of tasks that Vintegris needs to complete to move this application forward, including but not limited to:

Updated annual audit for the new SubCA.

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Hello Ben,

following the case of acceptance of the new CASUB vinCAsign NebulaSuite5 Authority we have reviewed the details of it, adapting them to the most recent audit.

Plase, If is posible, we request that you review the audit document to continue with the audit letter validation,

Kind Regards,

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Hi Ben,

Forgive me for insisting. I´m working on the integration of our certificates and after providing you with all the required documentation, I would like to know from your side if it is necessary for me to provide you with additional information.

Please, I look forward to your comments.

Kind Regards,

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Here are some things that Vintegris needs to work on:

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