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Add Vintegris SLU root certificate(s)


(NSS :: CA Certificate Root Program, task, P4)


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Steps to reproduce:

I´m Victoria, from the Vintegris company, current QTSP called vinCAsign, we have certified ourselves for the issuance of SSL certificates and we would like to integrate into Mozilla.

Attached I provide the corresponding ETSI certificate, and the following documentation:

  • Certification Practice Statement CPS
  • PDS
  • Certificates
  • Hierarchy

Please, I hope you accept our inclusion request.

Best regards,

Assignee: kwilson → bwilson
Type: enhancement → task
Ever confirmed: true
Whiteboard: [ca-initial]

A CCADB case has been opened for this inclusion request:

The Applicant needs to complete a Baseline Requirements Self-Assessment -
which links the BR self-assessment spreadsheet template -

Additionally, in the CCADB, Applicant needs to complete the section titled "Mozilla Additional Requirements" - "CA's Response to Required Practices" and "CA's Response to Forbidden Practices".

Please let us know when those steps have been completed.

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Hello Victoria,
Have you had the chance to update any information?

Whiteboard: [ca-initial] → [ca-verifying]

Hello everyone,

I'm writing in a ANF AC capacity. I want to report that I found links to ANF AC Certificate Policy and Certificate Practice Statement (outdated versions) in "Policy Document Record #2" and "Policy Document Record #3" of the CCADB case for this root inclusion.

This has to be an error. To avoid any confusion, I just want to state that ANF AC does not approve this, and that our policies (CP nor CPS) have nothing to do with CA Vintegris.

Hello Pablo.

It is a mistake, Vintegris hasn`t provided this documentation.

We understand that you have made a mistake in publishing it, I apologize for not having noticed it earlier.

Ben Wilson, please would it be possible to remove the documentation attached to the Register of political document no. 2 and to the Register of political document no. 3?

It is documentation from another PSC, it doesn`t belong to Vintegris.


Flags: needinfo?(victoria.hernandez)

I went into the CCADB and deleted them from the Vintegris case. Please let me know if you encounter any other errors.

Priority: -- → P4

There are a number of tasks that Vintegris needs to complete to move this application forward, including but not limited to:

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