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Please create mozwiki account for Ciprian Ciocan


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(Reporter: miketaylr, Assigned: spike)


Ciprian (cc'd) is a member of the webcompat team and has tried to apply for a mozwiki account in the past, but those requests seem to have fallen through the cracks.

We use the wiki quite a bit on our team (, and it would be nice if he can contribute to that work.

Could someone please set him up with an account?

We are pretty good at approving new accounts requested on WMO and aim for a response time of 24hrs or better.
Apologies is Ciprian's requests have been missed.
If Ciprian could please request an account via we will keep a close watch out for xxxxx@softvision email accounts.
Hope this helps

Assignee: nobody → spike
Flags: needinfo?(ciprian.ciocan)

A few moments ago I approved a new WMO account request that I am pretty sure was from Ciprian.

Hopefully he will receive the temporary password and start to use the wiki as has been requested.

If there are any other issues do please not hesitate to get in touch.


Closed: 1 year ago
Flags: needinfo?(ciprian.ciocan)
Resolution: --- → FIXED

It was me indeed, Spike. I received the temporary password and the account was created.

Thanks a lot!

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