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Double tap to seek video


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Firefox 81





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Expected results:

Many video players seek when you double tap on the left or right sides of the player. It's the touchscreen equivalent of seeking with the left/right arrow keys.

Summary: Double tap to seek → Double tap to seek video

Using the left/right arrow keys, most video players that I have used do not seek, but instead jump 15 seconds ahead or back.

but instead jump 15 seconds ahead or back

oops, that's what I meant by "seek"

Thank you for this report!
Please note that this functionality is implemented but it requires that the video's website have this implemented.
You can check it on YouTube and you can see that it works without problems, ofc there are many other websites that are working like that.


Closed: 1 month ago
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What on earth? I was requesting this for the native media player??? It's so good that many sites have opted to use the native one. Look at this for an example:

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Hello, Poopooracoocoo sorry I forgot to let the GitHub bug that is following this issue.
For more details please check this!
You can add or request other information there if you feel like!


Flags: needinfo?(andrei.bodea)

Here's what I said there: I opened but it got closed and was redirected to this issue. I've seen many issue get closed here and get directed to Bugzilla, so that feels wrong. And there are touchscreen devices that run desktop operating systems. Look at all of the touchscreen Windows devices.

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