IMAP Refresh before message moving cause messages to be deleted



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16 years ago
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(Reporter: Marc-André Laverdière, Assigned: Scott MacGregor)



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16 years ago
Okay, here is the situation

Window 1: Mail & Newsgroup window
Window 2: Digichat loader window (Digichat is a java-based chat client)
Window 3: Digichat client window, currently loading resources (Such as sounds
and images)

I have a single mail account (, to which I have a POP account
I added an IMAP account so I could move my 'sent' messages (stored on the
server) to a local copy, because I have limited disk quota.

I have the list of headers of messages, select a bunch (30+ messages, some are
labelled as 'unread', others are 'read') and move them to a local folder.

What Mozilla did was to refresh the list of messages, redownload headers, and to
download the buch I selected. I saw no message about the messages being moved or
The folder to which I moved the messages didn't change its number of 'unread

Since I have a very large amount of messages, there is no way for me to validate
if any or all the messages went through.
All I can tell is that I tried to do it again. This time around, the list wasn't
refreshed and the messages were moved successfully (I did use a smaller sample set).

I don't know if the Java acting up would've caused anything, or its only the
size of the set to transfer that was at cause here.

As a summary, when the list of messages from an IMAP server is refreshed before
a  'move' operation, data is lost
a) 'unread' flags are dismissed (confirmed)
b) the messages are _not_ moved, only deleted (unconfirmed).

Not the most detailed bug report ever, but that's the data I have.

Yours truly,


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16 years ago
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16 years ago
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15 years ago
I have noticed something similar myself. I have had two separate occasions when
I was moving messages form one IMAP folder to another folder, and had the
messages simply disappear completely. Lost. Gone. I cannot explain what
happened. In one case, I was moving from IMAP folder to IMAP folder. In another
case I was moving from IMAP folder to Local folder.

This seems to happen when selecting a bunch of messages and moving them together.
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