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16 years ago
I've installed Mozilla 1.1 on top of my previous installations (I've installed
about 5-6 releases now).  Each time I choose custom install and try to deselect
components I don't want.  However, the number of disabled items on this list has
been growing with each release, and now I don't have the option of not
installing any component.  They're all disabled in the custom install list,
including wacky stuff that shouldn't be required by other parts of the browser,
like Chatzilla, the debugger, and a DOM inspector.

I don't know if the custom install option equals a full install on all machines,
or if there's some slow decay when you upgrade a machine successively.

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16 years ago
Uninstall Mozilla before installing a new one.  Your preferences will be saved.  

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16 years ago
Your Mozilla preferences, I mean, not your installation preferences.  Those are
not saved for a reason.  Perhaps you should choose the Browser Only option
instead of Custom and unchecking items.  In any case, it is recommended that you
uninstall Mozilla first, not just upgrade over existing files.

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16 years ago
that's how it's supposed to work - the installer forces you to install some
essential stuff, but what you're seeing is that the installer forces you to
upgrade anything that is already present.  mozilla would break horribly if you
mixed versions, so you must upgrade the bits you already have.  if you want to
get rid of bits, you need to use the uninstaller - the installer can't cope with
actually uninstalling old bits.  if you uninstall and then reinstall, you will
get to choose if you want to install (nearly) each one of the components.
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16 years ago
fwiw there's a UI bug on improving the way this is presented to users. If you
upgrade in-place we can't leave old versions of stuff behind -- we need to
explain that and tell the user that if they want fewer components they can pick
a new directory.
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