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Deduplicate UniqueJSONStrings and avoid raw string pointers


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UniqueJSONStrings is needed to write some of the new marker types, so it should be moved to a common location.
This also helps with the Base/Gecko Profilers de-duplication.

While working on it, raw pointer string arguments can be changed to spans, consistent with JSONWriter changes in bug 1657033.

The two identical copies are UniqueJSONStrings are combined and moved almost verbatim to BaseProfilerJSONWriter.h.

Document the class and methods.
GetOrAddIndex is only used internally, so it can be private.
SpliceStringTableElements can now only work on rvalue UniqueJSONStrings, this emphasizes that it shouldn't be used anymore after this call.

Depends on D95112

For consistency with JSONWriter (which UniqueJSONStrings' functions use), and for added safety and some efficiency, UniqueJSONStrings now takes Span<const char> arguments instead of raw pointers to null-terminated strings.

Depends on D95113

The previous patch removed the only two uses of ProfilerStringView::String().
Since it can be potentially expensive (creating a std::string object, sometimes allocating a buffer, and copying the string contents), it's best to remove it completely.

Blocks: 1674737
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Deduplicate UniqueJSONStrings - r=gregtatum
Add documentation to UniqueJSONStrings, and clean up - r=gregtatum
UniqueJSONStrings takes string spans instead of pointers - r=gregtatum
Remove unused ProfilerStringView::String() - r=gregtatum
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