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snap detection code disables profile management even when not packaged/run as a snap


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Steps to reproduce:

It's been reported several times on that when invoked from an application packaged as a classic snap¹ to open a hyperlink, firefox installed as a deb package (on Debian/Ubuntu) opens with the wrong profile by default.
This issue was investigated in, and we found out that the culprit is nsToolkitProfileService::IsSnapEnvironment()².

To reproduce the issue, ensure that a firefox window is open, then from a terminal run SNAP_NAME=foobar firefox


Actual results:

This opens the requested URL ( in a separate firefox window, with a different profile than that of the already open firefox window.

Expected results:

This should have opened the requested URL in a new tab in the same window that was already open.

Hi Oliver,

Thank you for your report.

I was unable to reproduce this issue on Firefox Release version 81.0 (64-bit) Mozilla Firefox for Ubuntu canonical 1.0 , but I did reproduce the issue by downloading Firefox Nightly 84.0a1 (2020-11-14) (64-bit) and installing it on a different location (for example in Desktop Folder "Nightly").

I'll add this ticket to the Widget GTK component in the hope their team can take a look at this and share their feedback.


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(In reply to Virginia Balducci from comment #2)

I'll add this ticket to the Widget GTK component in the hope their team can take a look at this and share their feedback.

Thanks for triaging Virginia. Unfortunately the patch¹ I submitted almost a month ago hasn't received any feedback yet. How do I get someone to look at it?


Olivier reached out to me on Element. I looked at the patch and it seems the owner of nsToolkitProfileService.cpp is :mossop these days[1]. Would you have the bandwidth to review this patch, Dave?


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I'm Gtk peer so you can ask me to review linux/gtk code.

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I vaguely recall some plan to distribute devedition as a separate snap at some point which this would break but it looks like that hasn't happened so this is fine. I really wish there was a sane API to detect this though, environment variable detection always seemed likely to be flakey.

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Duplicate of this bug: 1680439

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Removing check-in needed because of that.

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Check for the actual snap name when detecting whether running as a snap. r=stransky
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