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Dialogs and windows in Thunderbird use flat UI even in high-contrast mode


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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Enable high-contrast mode in Windows 10, by doing the following:
    1.1. Open Windows Settings (Windows+I).
    1.2. Go to Ease of access -> High-contrast.
    1.3. Turn on the high-contrast mode, using the respective toggle.
    1.4. From the "High-contrast theme" combo-box, select "High-Contrast Black".
  2. Launch Thunderbird.
  3. Invoke some dialogs/windows (e.g. IMAP folder properties, Message Filtering, Add Existing Account, etc.).
  4. Take a look at the 4th screenshot in the attached archive, named "004_IE_Tabs-Options.png".
  5. Compair how the controls in the Thunderbird dialogs/windows look in high-contrast black mode in comparison with the ones in the "Tabbed browsing settings" dialog for IE, taken from Control Panel ➡ internet Options ➡ "General" tab ➡ "Tabs" button.

Actual results:

The controls in Thunderbird's dialogs/windows use a flat UI even in high-contrast mode, but they should not as Windows does not. Not using a flat UI provides better contrast, by adding contours to the controls.

Expected results:

Thunderbird's dialogs/windows should not use a flat UI in high-contrast mode, so they can provide better contrast.

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Sorry John to ask you again, this should be the last patch for some time.

To test, please change to Win 10 high contrast mode and open a dialog like the Search messages (CTRL + SHIFT +F) or the Add existing Mail Account. The buttons, menulists and textboxes should all use the correct colours. Be sure not to have set a TB theme, then the theme settings are still used.

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Better fix that works now correct on Contrast Black and Contrast White. Before the button text wasn't correct which I didn't saw on Contrast No 1.

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Thanks, John.

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Use systen colors for buttons/menulists in themeable dialogs. r=TbSync

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