Open Bug 1676779 (scroll-driven-animations) Opened 4 years ago Updated 9 hours ago

[meta] Implement Scroll-driven Animations


(Core :: Layout, enhancement)





(Reporter: hiro, Unassigned)


(Depends on 7 open bugs, Blocks 1 open bug, )


(Keywords: meta)

I am filing this new meta bug rather then re-using bug 1281348 for the new scroll animations since the new spec provides two different way to generate scroll linked animations, generating by JS, or generating by CSS, but we are not going to implement the JS way right now since it requires types defined in the CSS typed OM spec, we are going to implement the CSS way right now.

That's said, this bug will be a meta bug to track the both way, I am going to file those bugs respectively.

Depends on: 1731112
Depends on: 1762238
Depends on: 1762237
No longer depends on: 1762238
Depends on: 1786448
Depends on: 1791884
Summary: [meta] scroll linked animations → [meta] Implement Scroll-linked Animations
Depends on: 1807685

(hiro: maybe we should update the title and alias of this bug, given the spec rename in (see also bug 1807685)?)

Flags: needinfo?(hikezoe.birchill)

(same goes for bug 1676780 and bug 1676781 I guess)

Flags: needinfo?(hikezoe.birchill)
Summary: [meta] Implement Scroll-linked Animations → [meta] Implement Scroll-driven Animations
Alias: scroll-linked-animations → scroll-driven-animations
Depends on: 1841005
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