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Fullscreen PiP window is affected by switching video source


(Toolkit :: Video/Audio Controls, defect, P1)






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STR (makes more sense for 2 monitor setups but I think it can be reproduced everywhere):

  1. Play in Fullscreen PiP mode a video from youtube
  2. Switch to a higher quality mode as the video plays
    The PiP window is affected and is no longer full screen (now covers only 3/4 of the screen) but still "thinks" it's in fullscreen mode (if you double click it you see how it goes back to the initial size as if existing full screen mode).

Tried on latest m-c central, OSX

Assignee: nobody → baumga91
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OS: Unspecified → All
Priority: -- → P1
Hardware: Unspecified → Desktop
Blocks: 1685549
No longer blocks: 1662870
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PiP stays in fullscreen when changing src while in fullscreen. r=mconley
Duplicate of this bug: 1688006

There's a r+ patch which didn't land and no activity in this bug for 2 weeks.
:baumga91, could you have a look please?
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Latest Nightly 87.0a1 (2021-02-19), Win 10 64-bit, I have a laptop and an external monitor attached to it:

  1. Open and play in fullscreen PiP a video on the external monitor - image is fullscreen
  2. Change video quality - Windows taskbar appears
  3. Close PiP window and reopen it - the image will cover 3/4 of the screen. Double click on it will place it correctly on the screen.

This also happens if the PiP window is closed for the first video and the PiP window is opened for another video.

Tentatively unassigning this one in case someone wants to try driving it through.

Assignee: baumga91 → nobody
Assignee: nobody → katkoor2

This bug also affects single display setups. Here is how to reproduce it:

  1. Start any Youtube video in high resolution
  2. Paste this code in the console to change the resolution to low after 10 seconds:
setTimeout(function() {
    ytPlayer = document.getElementById("movie_player") || document.getElementsByClassName("html5-video-player")[0];
}, 10000);
  1. within 10 seconds after running the code above, have the video run in a full-screen PiP window

On Windows, the PiP window now has the same size as the full-screen window but shifted up to show the taskbar. The new window cannot be resized or moved and does not respond to doubleclicking. The only way to regain control is to close PiP.

Due to this bug, watching livestreams where the resolution changes frequently due to buffering is cumbersome.

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