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Firefox Snap missing media controls in GNOME notification area


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Steps to reproduce:

Open Firefox Beta (snap), went to YouTube and played a random video. This works fine with regular .deb version of Firefox. I believe the reason being is Firefox snap app does not specify the mpris interface.

Actual results:

Click on the GNOME Notification but there are player controls show.

Expected results:

Media player controls are suppose to show up in the notification shade.

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Hi Mohan,

Thanks for the report. Does this problem happen in Firefox Nightly as well? I cannot reproduce this issue with Firefox Nightly on my Ubuntu 20.04. Here is what I do:

  1. Open a random youtube video in Firefox Nightly
  2. Check the video info is on the notification area (set via MPRIS)
  3. Pause the video and move to another workspace, then wait for my machine to screen off
  4. After my Ubuntu is logged out, I moved the mouse to wake up my machine and log back
  5. Check the video info on the notification area again.
  6. The result on my Ubuntu: the info of the video stays in the notification area

Would you mind giving a step that can reproduce this issue reliably on your site? I'd like to know what's the difference from the above that can cause this issue.

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Actually this works fine with .deb version on my machine, it is snap version (from that is missing the MPRIS. I don't think there is a way to install nightly channel in snap, unless if I am wrong. I believe the only channels available for snap is esr, stable, beta.

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The problem is going to be in the snapcraft.yaml file used to produce the package rather than the Firefox code itself.

A new entry in the slots: section in would need to be added. Probably something like the following should be sufficient:

    interface: mpris
    name: firefox

It sounds like the issue here is specific to, not Firefox itself, so I'm going to close this. If there's something that needs fixing on the Firefox side, feel free to reopen with explanation.

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@jbauman: note that the snap package published on the Snap Store is maintained by Mozilla (packaging metadata managed in mozilla-central, and packages built on Mozilla infrastructure).

This is not something that can be fixed externally. Looking at other bugs, it is probably better categorised under Release Engineering/Release Automation: Snap.

Thanks for the help, James!

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add the mpris slot to snapcraft.yaml to enable media controls. r=jlorenzo
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