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Update rkv to 0.16.0


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We need to upgrade rkv, then land that update in m-c in coordination with other users of rkv.

What's the process? Update glean, publish it to crates, then update rkv and glean together in m-c?

Yup, though we're landing another big Glean update right now, so that needs to happen first.

We should have made its own bug for the code you're landing, :vporof. Renaming this bug.
We can keep it here for now, but in the future we should probably track these separately.

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Summary: Upgrade rkv in Glean to 0.16.0 → Update rkv to 0.16.0

It's a little bit the other way around – the tsan failure is very likely caused by updating to 0.16, which is an issue that I'm looking into fixing right now. I agree with renaming this bug.

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Unfortunately the lock-order-inversion failure seems to be in FOG code.
We might have just been unlucky to find it here.

Talked to Victor in private.
It looks like by upgrading we resurfaced a false-positive (bug 1606804) due the to the change in paths for only Glean/FOG (because we duplicate rkv versions).

A Glean upgrade is coming today or tomorrow also upgrading its rkv dependency, that should fix this without requiring yet another exception for TSAN (as done here:

Taking over the bug to get that update in.

Thanks Jan-Erik!

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