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comm_taskgraph updates for one-repo


(Thunderbird :: Build Config, task)


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Using this bug to track changes to comm_taskgraph code needed for one-repo.

Ideally, any changes that are made should work in both the split-repo and single-repo setups so that changes can land on comm-central and then get merged to Jamun.

Summary: comm_taskgraph updates fpr one-repo → comm_taskgraph updates for one-repo

The hash_paths function in comm-central does not work when comm/ not a separate
repository. As both repositories need to work for the next few months, this
wrapper will support both possibilities.

Pushed by
Make hash_paths a wrapper function to support the possibility of single-repo. r=justdave
Target Milestone: --- → 86 Branch

Some Taskcluster jobs such as the decision task and toolchain builds
do not need the entire source tree checked out. Those jobs use mercurial
sparse profiles to only check out what is needed. Thunderbird builds
mostly use the same profiles as Firefox; these are the new ones that
are required with one-repo.
Note that currently, there are no sparse checkout profiles on any
Thunderbird repository. Adding these files will not affect current

Pushed by
Set taskgraph parameters for Jamun. r=justdave
[one-repo] Add Mercurial sparse profiles. r=justdave
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