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After some time, selecting text causes all text to be repeated twice by VoiceOver.


(Core :: Disability Access APIs, defect, P3)

Firefox 86



Tracking Status
firefox86 --- wontfix


(Reporter: MarcoZ, Unassigned)


(Whiteboard: [Mac2020_2])

Symptom: After some usage of a Firefox build, selecting text with shift+Left or Right arrow causes Firefox to repeat the previously selected plus the newly selected characters twice, claiming once that everything was deselected, then that the new text was being selected all at once. After a restart of Firefox, the bug is gone, until the trigger, which is yet to be determined, hits and the bug resurfaces.


  1. Open data:text/html,<textarea></textarea>.
  2. Focus it, and write "This is a test."
  3. Shift+LeftArrow.
    • Result: VoiceOver says: "Period, selected".
  4. Shift+LeftArrow again.
    • Expected, and also the case if the bug hasn't hit yet: VoiceOver says: "t, selected".
    • Result if the bug has hit: VoiceOver will say: "Period, deselected. t period, selected".
  5. Select to start of line with Cmd+Shift+LeftArrow:
    • Result with the bug: "t period unselected. This is a test period, selected".
    • Expected: "This is a tes, selected".

I was never able to reproduce this. We did land some text selection event changes in bug 1680329, and I wonder if any of it remedied this issue as well.

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Seems to be specifically related to big Sur, and v11.1 at that. I can also reproduce this in Chromium-based apps, but not Safari. So either we're both firing events that Safari doesn't, or some other VO bug crept in somehow.

Flags: needinfo?(mzehe)

I did a lot of work on selection events recently. I think it is worth revisiting this when Marco gets back to see if it is resolved.

Priority: P1 → P3
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