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Provide a some settings in about:config to allow setting custom font families for Sans and Serif in reader view mode


(Toolkit :: Reader Mode, enhancement)

Firefox 83





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Steps to reproduce:

I would like to be able to use a nice readable serif font (like "Droid Serif", or "Linux Libertine O") in Firefox's reader view mode; on Linux at least, the default fonts used look like crap. The font choice for "Serif" (and "Sans") in the global Firefox preferences have no effect on the Reader view mode. Looking at the Reader view mode's result using the web inspector, I see this:

body.serif .remove-button {
font-family: Georgia, "Times New Roman", serif;

...which does not match what I have in my preferences indeed.

Expected results:

Please provide some keys in about:config to change the fonts for the "Sans" and "Serif" modes of the Reader view mode. Even better if I can choose them directly in the global preferences UI or in within the Reader view mode UI, but I can live with about:config keys if that's too much of a hassle to implement.

I second this. I love the concept of the reader mode but find it entirely unusable due to very basic styling and this font issue (which is pretty important when we want to make a long body of text as readable as it can be).

Giving the ability to customize this would be great.

I see a few possibilities:

  • Give a dedicated configuration key (and even configuration UI later) specific to the reader mode,
  • Or reuse the default serif and sans-serif fonts selected in the overall browser configuration (honestly, that's the behavior I was expecting when I first encounter this font problem: my first reaction was to head to the general setting and change the default font... but it did nothing)
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