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Text edit button icons are disabled when opening the Hambourger/Meatball menu and then get enabled a few ms later


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Affected versions

  • 86.0a1 (2020-12-20), 84.0, 85.0b4;

Affected platforms

  • macOS 10.15

Steps to reproduce

  1. Launch Firefox, access any page;
  2. Click on the Hambourger menu button;
  3. Click on the Firefox profile button;
  4. Click on the Hambourger menu button again;

Expected result

  • menu appears buttons and text are displayed at the same time;

Actual result

  • icons for Cut/Paste/Copy buttons appear after a delay;
  • happens for both step 2 and 4(full scenario since it's more visible as this);

Regression range

  • First bad: 2020-09-21;
  • Last good: 2020-09-20;
  • Pushlog: URL;

Additional notes

  • attached recording to illustrate the issue;
  • could only get it to trigger on macOS;
  • set S4 as severity since it's not having such a bad impact on usability.
Has Regression Range: --- → yes
Has STR: --- → yes

I can reproduce after step 4 also on builds on the 19th of September. I don't think the regression window is correct, and because it's on mozilla-central rather than a narrowed down autoland window I don't know what regressed things - off-hand I don't see anything obvious. Can you check again?

Markus, ISTR we have a bug on file about painting these icons twice, which seems like it might be related. I could only find bug 1373399 which is sort of like that but different. Do you recall something like this?

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See Also: → 1373399
Summary: Text edit button icons appear with a delay in the Hambourger/Meatball menu → Text edit button icons are disabled when opening the Hambourger/Meatball menu and then get enabled a few ms later

No, sorry, I don't recall a bug like that.

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@Gijs, indeed you are right the regression window is not accurate as it's not limited to just the Sync menu; extends when opening others such as Pocket or Library instead at step 3.

Unfortunately I cannot get an accurate window due to the fact that the menus are not opening after the first attempt on some of the older builds.
From what I did manage to observe, on old builds from around 2016 the paste icon had similar behaviour.

Leaving the needinfo on, until I can find a colleague to check on a macOS pre 10.15/10.13 in the eventuality that it might work for older OS versions.

With help from :gcheta managed to pick up that it might not be a regression after all and start with URL - Bug 1373399.

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