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Make email address limit clear


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The service currently limits how many email addresses can be added to a Firefox Monitor account. After the limit is reached, the button to add more accounts is hidden. This is causing confusion among users who don't know that there is a limit on the system (see the attached SUMO thread).

The limitation should be made clear in the website UI.

For example, instead of hiding the button to add email addresses, maybe make it visible on the website but disabled with a message that says "you can only have X email addresses linked to your account".

Also, could some light be shed on the reason for the limit?
Ideally, there shouldn't be any.

This all is very strange indeed. I have more than five emails in my family to worry about. Actually, even I alone do have more than five different emails.

Same issues with this strange limit here.
I am the only person in the family with IT knowledge. So, I would like to monitor data breach alerts for the whole family.
We all have two or more email addresses therefore a limit of 5 makes no sense.
Especially, because Firefox Monitor offers the feature to report all breaches to the primary registered address...

I see two issues here:

  1. The limit is not communicated to the users, the button just vanishes. (Very bad UX, you need to use a search engine to figure out whats going on.)
  2. The limit is too low for power users / family administrators.

Should we create a new issue for (2) to track this separately?

Is there anything someone with general programming skills could help with?

Let me buy more at least.
Good functionality and chipping in for the development of mozilla stuff.

+1 for the current (unexplained) emails limit makes firefox monitor completely useless to me. As it is, I'll just revert to good old

+1 for this issue - the limit was set randomly and without proper communication to the users. No indication that my current number of addresses monitored (7) is over the limit and I am not allowed to add new ones.
Limit should be communicated better to the user AND set much higher.

I wanted to add my wife’s e-mail address and I lost my time searching for the ADD button only to find out that they have introduced a limit to the e-mail addresses monitored.

I think that the existing irrational limit should be made clear.

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