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Want more editor API exposed to JS


(Core :: DOM: Editor, enhancement)

Not set





(Reporter: neil, Unassigned)


It's a bit of a slog doing arbitrary editing in JS. Exposing more of the helper
methods would be a great help. Such methods include (with current C++ object):
No editor methods appear to reverse the effect of RemoveBlockContainer - at
least there doesn't appear to be an easy way to determine the first and last
nodes that should be put in the block :-(
ew! do we really want to do this?  Can we come up with some commands to do instead?
OS: Windows 95 → All
Hardware: PC → All
I like the idea of exposing new stuff via commands rather than nsI*Editor APIs.
Um, exactly how am I supposed to use a command to insert a container element?
plus, text services eventually needs this stuff plus exposure of nsRangeUpdater
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