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WebRender profiler threads are not enabled on WebRender raptor try builds


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When running a raptor try build with webrender and generating a gecko profile, the webrender specific threads are not added to the list of threads to be sampled by the gecko profiler.

See [1] for an example of the job I'm trying to run.

I patched the code at [2] to unconditionally add these threads, and a try run with that does sample those extra webrender threads.

So it seems that the environment variable at [2] is not being set in this configuration?


Component: General → Raptor
Product: Firefox Build System → Testing
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Priority: -- → P2

Hi Gerald,
Is this still an issue in the profiler?

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Nazim, you're looking into profiling tests at the moment, could you please help with this, or know someone who would know?

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(sorry for the delay)

For the record, two years ago the searchfox url was pointing this line:

Before webrender was the default one, apparently we were using this MOZ_WEBRENDER variable to conditionally add additional webrender threads. But this conditional check is removed in: (Bug 1743907)
Now they are being added unconditionally:

Even though that threads.extend line is unnecessary (we can just append the items to the line above), it seems like this issue is fixed now since we don't look for that environment variable. We can close this bug.

Closed: 2 years ago
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