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Allow to display local storages of a group


(DevTools :: Storage Inspector, enhancement, P3)



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(Whiteboard: user-suggestion)

Local storages are grouped by domain, more specifically eTLD+1 domain, and the quota used by them calculated accordingly.

In order to see the data counting towards that quota limit and investigate quota limitation errors ("DOMException: The quota has been exceeded") when trying to write to the local storage of a website, there should be a way to display all related local storages.

The UI should make it clear that the storages shown may not directly belong to the given domain but are used to calculate the quota.

According to bug 1683299 comment 16 the issue of quota limitation will be drastically mitigated with LSNG, though it will still be valuable to see storages related to the quota calculation.


Severity: -- → S3
Priority: -- → P3
Whiteboard: user-suggestion
Blocks: 1669464
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