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Remove expired Scalar `browser.engagement.restored_pinned_tabs_count`


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(Reporter: chutten, Assigned: tanweerali908, Mentored)


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I want to work on this bug.

Tanweer Ali

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Excellent. I have assigned the bug to you and see you found us on #telemetry. Let me know if I can help out.

Assignee: nobody → tanweerali908
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Hey Chutten,
I have just submitted a patch. Can you review it please.

Well that's odd. Lando couldn't apply your patches. Were you editing the most recent versions of these files?

Oh, something just recently landed that might've gotten in the way... Ack! I'd forgotton, I'd already encouraged :padenot to remove this Scalar when he was adjusting the MsSinceProcessStart code in bug 1205985 (which just landed a few days ago).

Blast, it appears as though I shouldn't have filed this bug after all.

If it's alright with you, we can rework this patch to remove a different Scalar (this one I assure you I haven't accidentally asked someone else to remove : ) ). This time it's restored_pinned_tabs_count which you can find in Scalars.yaml and in browser/components/sessionstore/SessionStartup.jsm

What do you think?

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Sorry, I didnt get you

Flags: needinfo?(tanweerali908)

Here is the patch which you approved now.

I mean that the patch for bug 1205985 which landed just a couple days ago already removed the code that your patch is removing. Your patch is operating on a not-quite-up-to-date version of the code, so it still has it.

Unfortunately it means that D102092 isn't needed any more. Which is 100% my fault for filing this bug after forgetting that I'd already recommended the code be removed in bug 1205985.

But there's another completely different Scalar that you could remove instead, called browser.engagement.restored_pinned_tabs_count. You could remove it instead, if you'd like.

Flags: needinfo?(tanweerali908)

Ok got it. So first I should do hg pull and then hg up central. After that I should work on this bug.

Flags: needinfo?(tanweerali908)

Yes, if you don't mind switching over to remove that other Scalar.

Yeah sure I will do that after fixing BUG 1650304. Actually I got assigned another Bug and It has been more than one week so After fixing that one I will work on this. Thanks for assigning me this.

Hey Chris,
It would be easy for me if you just brief me about how to remove browser.engagement.restored_pinned_tabs_count


Much like the original task, this is a removal of an expired Scalar from both Scalars.yaml and from the code that puts data into it. Scalars.yaml is still at toolkit/components/telemetry/Scalars.yaml and you're looking to remove these lines.

As for where that scalar is used, it's used in browser/components/sessionstore/SessionStartup.jsm. It looks like you only need to remove these lines, but definitely remember to run the linter with mach lint to make sure there won't be other code that becomes unreachable once you remove the obvious stuff.

Does that help?

Summary: Remove expired Scalar `telemetry.process_creation_timestamp_inconsistent` → Remove expired Scalar `browser.engagement.restored_pinned_tabs_count`

Yeah Thanks for that

Hey Chris, I have submitted a patch for this.

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[Telemetry] Remove expired Scalar browser.engagement.restored_pinned_tabs_count. r=chutten
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