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Investigate if using "pagehide" and "pageshow" improves the detection of inactive actor instances


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(In reply to Nika Layzell [:nika] (ni? for response) from bug 1685454 comment #14)

(In reply to Henrik Skupin (:whimboo) [⌚️UTC+2] from bug 1685454 comment #2)

Would it maybe make sense for the JSWindowActor implementation to have a method similar to actorDestroyed but just for the case when the actor / window gets inactive (eg. page moved to bfcache)? That way implementations could run specific code to handle such a situation.

We could potentially add a set of other callbacks, like pagehide and pageshow, though it would also be possible to add JS listeners for this yourself as well, iirc.

We should check if using these page load events in the child actor actually allows us to internally set the activity status of the actor child. Not sure how much different that is to checking this.contentWindow at certain places, but maybe it will give us some advantages.

Product: Testing → Remote Protocol
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