Open Bug 1686981 Opened 3 years ago

Optimize searchfox taskcluster cron jobs for less frequently updated branches like ESR and release


(Webtools :: Searchfox, enhancement)



(Not tracked)


(Reporter: asuth, Unassigned)



Currently the searchfox-index jobs in are run daily for the mozilla-beta, mozilla-release, and mozilla-esr78 branches. This helps ensure that we run the jobs at most once a day even when branches are experiencing a lot of pushes, but also results in us running the jobs at least once a day, even if there have been no pushes. Since the taskcluster searchfox jobs use the in-tree MozsearchIndexer.cpp rather than downloading it from an external location (or anything else from the mozsearch repo), the jobs are effectively deterministic and so extra runs of the job are wasteful beyond making sure we never encounter a situation where artifacts expire.

It would be good to address this inefficiency.

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